Federation Front Line Report April 2022 – Faction Warfare Monthly Report

Starting off with the Monthly Report for April, the Gallente Federation has about 376 active PvP characters, a gain of 51 characters over what was reported for March. 51 corporations are currently part of the Gallente, an increase of 9 for the month of April, and for Alliances the Gallente doubled from 3 to 6 Alliances.

A look over at zkill shows the Gallente destroyed 5,622 ships, this is the lowest tally of kills for the gallente in several months, down 2,716 when compared to March. The amount of damage dealt in terms of isk was 405 billion, a steep drop in damage compared to the 746 billion isk worth of damage done in March.

For warzone control the Gallente currently has 73 systems, gaining 44 systems in the month of March and has been able to maintain Tier 3.

Notoras, one of the most important systems in all of New Eden, the shining jewel of Black Rise continues its liberation party at the Lai Dai Protection Service Assembly Plant!

The Caldari State has around 444 active PvP characters, down 45 since March. With around 67 corporations and 7 Alliances, increasing by 4 corporations and 1 alliance since March.

During the Month of April, the Caldari destroyed 9,113 and did over 673 billion ISK of damage. This is an increase of 614 kills and 136 billion isk worth of Damage.

For warzone control the Caldari have 28 systems having lost 44 systems since the start of April and are sitting at Tier 1. These system losses don’t seem to be holding the Caldari back from getting fights however.

The Amarr Empire is currently standing at around 268 active PvP characters, a small increase of 5 compared to March. With 51 corporations and 3 Alliances, a gain of 3 corporations.

The Amarr destroyed 8,412 ships in the month of April and did over 813 billion ISK worth of damage. An increase of 1,291 ships killed and 274 billion isk when compared to March.

For warzone control the Amarr have 10 systems under their control, one less then they had in March and are at Tier 1. Both the Caldari and Amarr might not have many systems under their control but they are still top of the killboards for the Militias.

The Minmatar Republic has around 526 active PvP characters, down about 82 characters since March. With around 72 corporations and 9 Alliances, losing 15 corporations and 1 Alliance during the month of April. The Minmatar were able to kill 6459 ships and did over 602 billion ISK worth of damage. Down 1,841 ship kills and 74 billion isk worth of damage when compared to March

For warzone control, they currently have 60 systems under their control. This is a small gain of 1. With so many systems under their control the Minmatar have been able to keep Tier 5 status throughout the Month of April. This gives them an LP payout of 225% for plexing and mission running.

*Small note on the killmails for the factions in zkill, due to NPCs being considered part of the faction a small percent of the kills do come from these faction NPCs but the vast majority of the kills come from players of that faction.

Warzone Map:



Scope Video: https://youtu.be/mZr0neEME-s

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