Federation Front Line Report Faction Warfare is getting an update! – With Guest Ashterothi

Today I sit down with Ashterothi to talk about the Faction Warfare update that was announced at FanFest just a couple days ago!

We talk about how the Living Universe Team will dedicate themselves to faction warfare for the next few years and how FW will deliver new content to the game, like now ships, modules or new ways to conquer sov.

CCP also announced how they are creating a new Allegiance system that will allow players to sign up for FW with out having to leave their corp. Factions will have Agendas and Objectives for players to fulfill, for example the Caldari might be working on a new ship and players will be given objectives to by the Caldari to make this new ship. If it’s not achieved by players the ship might not be released or hold the release for an extended time due to the failure.

One of the bigger updates coming to FW is Frontlines:

Frontlines will focus the warzone to systems that are connected to each other and owned by opposing factions. These frontline systems will provide new content and rewards for fighting them, will be faster to capture, and give more rewards.

Command Operations – adjacent to the front lines but not an enemy system, unique traits, and tactical value

Rearguard – Slower to flip, less rewards

Factions will also give Objectives in FW. For example some systems will be targeted by your faction and you will need to push the frontline to these objectives and get special rewards for doing so.

We also talk about how this is all being mixed into the Lore of Eve Online and how the new Arch system will be replacing the quadrent system for new content. With Archs they will be giving us hints and objectives as they build up to an expansion.

Lore Website – https://www.notion.so/37de035eb05149139ef4a3d1de9a9dfd?v=8fe684b3e6e94ae88640ff18dccdbb0b

Ashterothi Twitch – https://www.twitch.tv/ashterothi

Ashterothi YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPOYW7dOo_mqPP6-HkjJ2ng

Broadcasted live on Twitch — Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/guldanagestories

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