Federation Front Line Report February 2022 – Faction Warfare Monthly Report

Starting with the Gallente Federation, we have about 302 active PvP characters in the Gallente, with around 51 corporations, and 3 Alliances. During the month of February the Gallente destroyed 7,134 ships and did over 436 billion ISK worth of damage. In warzone control they currently have 8 systems under their control.

The Caldari State has around 511 active PvP characters, with around 78 corporations and 7 Alliances. During the Month of February, the Caldari destroyed 8,620 ships and did over 673 billion ISK of damage. For the warzone the Caldari control 93 systems

The Amarr Empire is currently standing at around 287 active PvP characters, with 46 corporations and have 2 Alliances. The Amarr destroyed 6,000 ships in the month of February and did over 608 billion ISK of damage. The Ammar have taken back a good chunk of space with 53 systems under their control The

Minmatar Republic has around 338 active PvP characters, with around 60 corporations and 8 Alliances. During the month of February, the Minmatar were able to kill 8,845 ships and did over 866 billion ISK worth of damage. For warzone control, they currently have 17 systems under their control.

*Small note on the killmails for the factions in zkill, due to NPCs being considered part of the faction a small percent of the kills do come from these faction NPCs but the vast majority of the kills come from players of that faction.


News Open Letter to CCP: https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/tahi0l/an_open_letter_to_ccp_from_current_and_former/

Battleship changes are live!

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