Federation Front Line Report May 2022 – Faction Warfare Monthly Report

Faction Warfare Review for May 2022

The Gallente Federation has about 290 active characters, a decrease of 86 characters over what was reported for April. 47 corporations are currently active in the Gallente, a decrease of 4 since last month, and for Alliances the Gallente have currently have 4 active in the warzone, down two since last month.

At a glance zkill shows the Gallente destroyed 4,727 ships, this is the lowest tally of kills for the gallente in several months, down 895 kills when compared to April. The amount of damage dealt in terms of isk was 445 billion, a small increase in damage 40 billion isk worth.

In the month of May the Gallente had 6,876 losses totaling 147 Billion isk.

This comes out to a 76% Efficiency for the month of May

For warzone control the Gallente currently has 42 systems, losing 31 systems in the month of May and are back to Tier 1. Once again the pendulum has swung in favor of the Caldari

Notoras, one of the most important systems in all of New Eden, the shining jewel of Black Rise continues its liberation party at the Lai Dai Protection Service Assembly Plant! The Caldari are pushing hard to get her back though and we are currently at around 70% contested. We call for any and all Federation pilots to assist in helping us keep this very important system.

The Caldari State has around 500 active characters, up 56 since April. With around 71 corporations and 6 Alliances, increasing by 4 corporations but a loss of 1 alliance since April.

During the Month of May, the Caldari had 8,834 kills and did over 678 billion worth of ISK in damage. This is a decrease of 279 kills but an increase of 5 billion isk worth of damage.

During the month of May the Caldari lost 6,459 for a total of 217 billion isk.

This comes to an Efficiency of 75% for the month of May

For warzone control the Caldari have 59 systems gaining 31 systems since the start of May and are sitting at Tier 2.

The Amarr Empire is currently standing at around 250 active characters, a small decrease of 18 compared to April. With 50 corporations and 2 Alliances, a loss of 1 corporation and 1 Alliance overall.

The Amarr got 5,789 kills in the month of May and did over 735 billion ISK worth of damage. A decrease of 2,623 ships killed and 78 billion isk when compared to April.

In the month of May the Amarr had 2,533 losses totaling 149 Billion isk.

This comes out to a 83% Efficiency for the month of May

For warzone control the Amarr have 18 systems under their control, 8 more than they had in April and are still at Tier 1. Although the pendulum has swung for the Caldari the Amarr have not been so fortunate.

The Minmatar Republic has around 424 active characters, down about 102 characters since what was reported in April. With around 62 corporations and 7 Alliances, losing 10 corporations and 2 Alliance during the month of May. The Minmatar were able to get 4,790 kills and did over 706 billion ISK worth of damage. Down 1,669 kills but up 103 billion isk worth of damage when compared to April.

In the month of May the Minmatar had 6,315 losses totaling 250 Billion isk.

This comes out to a 77.5% Efficiency for the month of May

For warzone control, they currently have 52 systems under their control. A loss of 8 systems. Even with these losses the Minmatar have only been knocked down to Tier 4 status. This gives them an LP payout of 150% for plexing and mission running.

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