Federation Front Line Report November 2021 – Faction Warfare Monthly Report

Good Morning New Eden! This episode we review the stats for each Faction in November, go over some tips and tricks for Faction Warfare and do an after action report of our weekly Wednesday Night Fleet.

Starting with the Gallente Federation and looking over zKillboard, currently there are about 316 active PvP characters in the Gallente, with around 51 corporations, and now 2 Alliance. This is up compared to October by about 51 active PvPers and doubling the amount of Alliances in the Federation. During the month of November the Gallente destroyed 7440 ships and did over 376 billion ISK worth of damage. The Federation hasn’t destroyed this many ships since November of 2020. In warzone control they currently have 11 systems under their control, up 2 systems from October.

The Caldari State has around 619 active PvP characters, with around 82 corporations and 8 Alliances. Seeing a gain of over 100 active PvPers since October and gaining an Alliance and 12 Corporations. During the Month of November, the Caldari destroyed 8,226 ships and did over 748 billion ISK of damage. For the warzone the Caldari control 90 systems, 2 less than they did in October.

The Amarr Empire is currently standing at around 257 active PvP characters in the past 7 days, with 39 corporations and 3 Alliances. Amarr’s alliances have nearly been cut in half since October! The Amarr are racking up some nice ship kills with 7,916 for the month of November and over 921.16 billion ISK of damage. The Ammar have been losing some of their hold on the warzone, with now only 30 systems under their control, down 6 systems from October.

The Minmatar Republic has had around 392 active PvP characters in the past seven days, with around 64 corporations and 6 Alliances. During the month of November, the Minmatar were able to kill 6,666 ships and did over 547.08 billion ISK worth of damage. For warzone control, they currently have 40 systems under their control, up 6 systems from October.

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