Federation Front Line Report October 2021 – Faction Warfare Monthly Report

Good Morning New Eden! Today we talk about improvements we would like to see in Faction Warfare and the monthly stats for each Faction.

Starting with the Gallente Federation and looking over zKillboard, we can see that as of October 31st there are about 267 active PvP characters in the past 7 days, with around 53 corporations, and only 1 Alliance. During the Month of September the Gallente destroyed over 4,800 ships and did over 360 billion ISK worth of damage. In warzone control, the Gallente have gone from losing the entire warzone at the start of the month to now having 9 systems under their control. The Caldari State as of October 31st have around 484 active PvP characters in the past seven days, with around 70 corporations and 6 Alliances. Although the number of active PvPers has not gone down very much, the number of active Alliances and Corporations has gone down by 11 Corporations and 3 Alliances since September.

During the Month of October, the Caldari destroyed over 9,000 ships and did over 742 billion ISK of damage. That’s down quite a bit from their numbers in September, with 5000 less kills and more then 2 trillion isk less in isk damage. For the warzone the Caldari control 92 systems, 7 less than they did in September, most of these taken from them in the last 14 days.

The Amarr Empire is currently standing at around 273 active PvP characters in the past 7 days, with 41 corporations and 5 Alliances. The Amarr are racking up some nice ship kills with around 6000 for the month of October and over 600 billion ISK of damage. The Ammar have been losing some of their hold on the warzone, with 36 systems under their control, down 12 systems from September.

The Minmatar Republic has had around 347 active PvP characters in the past seven days, with around 64 corporations and 7 Alliances. During the month of October, the Minmatar were able to kill over 6000 ships and did over 540 billion ISK worth of damage. For warzone control, they currently have 34 systems under their belt and have been working hard to increase that number, with 6 of those systems flipped to the Minmatar in the last 14 days.


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