Federation Front Line Report September 2021 – Faction Warfare Monthly Report

Today Emperor Joebane joins us to talk about the past month in the warzone.

Starting with the Gallente Federation and looking over zKillboard we can see that there are about 255 active pvp characters in the past 7 days, with around 52 corporations, and only 1 Alliance. During the Month of September the Gallente destroyed 6,726 ships and did over 433 billion isk worth of damage. In warzone control the Gallente are currently holding out with only 1 system, Agoze, with the Caldari recently taking Fliet and Iges, both of which were staging areas for the Gallente. All eyes are currently on Agoze to see if the Gallente can make a final stand!

The Caldari State has been looking very strong recently with around 498 active pvp characters in the past 7 days, with around 81 corporations and 9 Alliances. Having such a numerical advantage the Caldari have been able to sweep the warzone and currently control all systems with the exception of Agoze. During the Month of September the Caldari destroyed 14,000 ships and did over 3 trillion isk worth of damage. One hell of a showing for the Caldari in the month of September.

The Amarr Empire is currently standing at around 306 active PvP characters in the past 7 days, with 39 corporations and has 3 Alliances. The Amarr are racking up some nice ship kills with 7533 for the month of September and over 2.55 trillion isk worth of damage. The warzone currently stands with the Ammar holding the vast majority of systems with 58 of them under their belt.

The Minmatar Republic has around 273 active pvp characters in the past 7 days, with around 49 corporations and 6 Alliances. During the month of September the Minmatar were able to kill 5,849 ships and did over 434 billion isk worth of damage. For warzone control they currently have 12 systems under their belt and have been working hard to increase that number, with 7 of those 12 systems being flipped over to the Minmatar in the last 14 days.

As you can see there are still great fights happening every day in both warzones and I highly encourage people to check out Faction Warfare. Faction Warfare space is great for both neutrals and FW members to find some small gang and even solo PvP action! Using the Faction Warfare Complexes as a focal point of battles allows solo and small gang PvPers to restrict ship size and warp in points, making it easier to avoid blobs and other “unfair” fights.

I hope this gives you a little insight on Faction Warfare, and if you are interested in keeping up with the news you can check out our podcast the Federation Front Line Report on Youtube or any podcasting platform such as Spotify or iTunes. Or come interact live on Twitch every Sunday at 22:00 Eve Time (5pm Central Time).

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