Theageofstories.com is the official website for Guldan Age Stories LLC

Current Projects:

The Age of Stories Podcast: A podcast about stories from the people of the 21st Century with a focus on Gaming!

The Federation Front Line Report – Eve Online Podcast: A podcast for Eve Online that focuses on Faction Warfare News.

Crossing Darkness Podcast: A podcast that hosts our World of Darkness Actual Plays and Movies of Darkness Episodes.

Guldan Age Stories Twitch: Watch us live on Twitch. Most shows are first streamed on Twitch and then uploaded to our other platforms. Some content is exclusive to Twitch.

Guldan Age Stories YouTube: Most videos and content is uploaded to YouTube for easy watching in the future. Some content like our Music Videos are exclusive to YouTube.

Guldan Age Stories Eve Online: Guldan Age Stories runs a Pirate Corporation in the MMORPG Eve Online, where we stream our adventures on live on Twitch, come join us and learn how to YAR!

Technogate 1999 Actual Play: Part of the Crossing Darkness Podcast, this is the audio for our Mage the Ascension: Technogate 1999 game. In this Actual Play Technogate Team 42 is attempting to breach the barrier around Altered Earth to save one of the members father who has been trapped their since the 80s. They have to travel to other worlds to shut down the devices that power the shield surrounding Altered Earth preventing all from entering or exiting.

Madison Under Siege: Setting for the World of Darkness set in Madison Wisconsin in 2017. Known to the world as “77 square miles surrounded by reality,” this city is a beacon of hope in a sea of darkness. Last year, the four major powers: Garou, Kindred, Mages, and Hunters created the Gahara Pact, a supernatural pact to fight the darkness that sieges this world. 

Interview with an Eve Online Player: Part of the Crossing Darkness Podcast this special is a series interviews with Eve Online Players and the stories they have to tell about their adventures in this Massive Online Role Playing Game.

Movies of Darkness: Part of Crossing Darkness Podcast, Frozen and Moto Rory watch different movies and trying to interpret the events in the story from the perspective of the World of Darkness role playing games. We have designed this to be a commentary you can listen to while watching and have added a prompt so you know when to hit the play button.

Atlantis 9 – A Mega-game about the best hope for Victory!